Turning into leads

People and businesses are chatting, talking and having conversations with each other and virtual assistants 24/7 these days.
They express their needs, wants, wishes and are looking for recommendations & advice. Relevant and trusted recommendations from peers, experts and smart devices.

What if you could listen to all of them simultaneously, and then start to engage in relevant conversations and create valuable leads?

Our Scout Platform™ does exactly that.
Fully automated, relevant and intelligent! It is performance based, so you only pay when a sale has been generated.

Scroll down to see what we do and how, and what we can do for you.

Data streams

We scrape & collect (public) data, tap into data streams & api's, integrate with messengers or home assistant trigger words and filter out relevant input, messages, tweets, posts and commands.

We process this text and voice data almost real-time, then look for indicators of product orientation or buying intent and redirect the buying signal to our matching engine.

Buying intent

Our matching engine runs sophisticated algorithms that run speech-top-text, text-analysis, pattern detection and machine learning magic to find the item or product the sender of the buying signal wants, needs or loves.

Next we automatically tap into the dialogue with a personalized message, a direct link to a relevant product suggestion, the right offer or recommendation. In the right context.

We deliver the lead directly into your e-commerce channel or CRM and Salesforce.

No cure, No Pay

Our services run commission based, so no results means no fee. You only pay the initial setup costs and model training for your domain/market. If we are not able to generate high quality leads we refund you the setup costs.

This means we have to keep quality and conversion rates high and our dialogues relevant, in context and nonintrusive!

That is why we constantly improve our matching and dialogue engine.